Why Choose Us

We at Sidewalk Lending believe that lending should not be painful or stressful. We believe that it is supposed to be a synergistic partnership to help you complete your project on time. We support you through our four pillars of reliability, efficiency, quality customer service, and transparency. We stand by these Pillars at every step of the way in every interaction.

Our Working Process



In uncertain times, the last thing you want or need to worry about is if the funding will come through to close a transaction or to get a construction draw to continue you project. One of the Pillars of our business is to ensure that we take uncertainty out of the equation. Since we are a direct lender, you can count on us for certainty of funding. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we never failed a single funding obligation. We at Sidewalk succeed when you succeed. We are your reliable partner for all your current and future projects.



We understand that you make the most money on your deal when you are efficient and keep the projects on schedule. As your partner, we want to support you in that mission. We have built our process to focus on simplicity and speed. With us, you can receive a pre-approval within 24 hours and close in as quickly as 10 days.


Quality Customer Service

Simply put, we are here for you. Our people are what make your experience seamless from initial approval, to draw requests, to the completion of your project. Our people support you in whatever you need and are always there to pick up the phone when you need us. We strive to be flexible and go the extra mile in everything we do. It is our belief that excellence in our service to you will lead to better business for both sides.



We strive to take the headache and stress out of dealing with your lender. We want you to get what you paid for without any of the hidden fees or hassle. At Sidewalk Lending, we believe the only way to conduct business is by operating in good faith and being entirely transparent at each step along the way.